Saturday, August 21, 2010

A cute story

Kids do the funniest things!
Yesterday 2 of my grandkids were here, Carson and Sophia...

See how cute they are!  :)  Carson is 7 and Sophia is almost 2.
They were coloring an adorable digi stamp I downloaded from Delicious Doodles during their birthday bash. Thank you for the free digi stamp, it is just so cute! I wish I would have been able to get all the Birthday Bash digi's!
The kids thought this little penguin was just to cute. Here is Carson's pic...

While they were coloring the penguin my little pug dog, Shadow,

was sitting on the floor staring at me. When I asked her what she wanted Carson said "She wants to color with us grandma."  Sophia got up and brought Shadow a crayon and tried to put it in her paw. I guess they really wanted Shadow to color also.  :)
Shadow didnt use the crayon, but a little later on she got in the mud and then she 'colored' on the picture!  lol

Thats my cute story, thanks for listening. 


bernietom47 said...

CUTE! The kids, the dog, the story.
Blessings Bernie

Sally said...

Your grands are adorable. I just love how their little minds work. They are so precious. Enjoy every moment with them..

Ruth (Sabriel) said...

Thank you both for the kind comments!